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As we travel around the world, 

we love to spread our creativity, skills & magic everywhere we go through different pop-up workshops and ceremonies. 



Using natural ingredients you can find around you, escaping from consumerism based on harsh chemicals and trying to get a step closer to being eco-sustainable.


Global Tribe eco village - Andalucia Spain

Summer 2021

Next workshop will be in Goa, India

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Sacred plants have always been there to help and guide us in the right path, from the earliest of time on earth humans have sought out and used specific plants which have the effect of altering they way he/she interacts with the world around them, these sacred plants are tools which offer insight, introspection and potential for learning.

"Each of us, at some point in life will feel himself a stranger in the strange land of his own existence, needing answers to questions which have risen from deep within his soul and will not go away. These questions and their answers both have the same source: Oneself, sacred plants and medicine allow us to access this part of the self." - Alexander Shulgin (PIHKAL 1991).


Ibiza Island -  Spain

Summer 2021

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Knowledge is sacred and a gift that we believe should be shared. When we can - each one teach one, we will be able to create a better world for all of us to live in, with this motto we try to always learn from all our experiences and from the beautiful humans we meet across our travels and everyday life, what we learn from these encounters we always try to share.

After loads of practise and research - the knowledge and skills we feel we can share with the world we do, by hosting different workshops and ceremonies, It gives us immense joy and satisfaction in being able to learn and share from each other.

Come join us on our next workshop or ceremony!

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