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Apart from the Clothing, Mushrooms Web-design and Writing, 

we also love the art form of making videos.
Ranging from promo videos to our travel vlogs we enjoy telling a story. 

Video and audio has always been a tool for storytelling and we like our media to capture not only your eye

but also the very essence of emotion.

Every video you see here has a piece of our heart crafted with love.

We also create Videos for your products, websites, promos and events. 
Reach out to us if you'd like us to make you a Video/shoot your event.



Welcome to Tibetan Flag Trail

Welcome to Tibetan Flag Trail, 

We are a project based on sustainability, creativity and passion, to help spread spores of well being and just like fungi transmute all that is - into magic, creating a change wherever we tread through subtle alchemy..... We aim to do this by creating a shift from industrial to sustainable in all aspects, from the clothes we wear to what we eat, create and consume. This project was born out of love and caters to the loving and playful being inside each and every one of us. Ever so inspired by all that is around us from the magical mycelium web under our feet to the ever changing sky.

Our values are to do everything we do with love and a sprinkle of magic, taking in mind our impact to nature & the world. Why? Because it brings us so much happiness and happiness is the only thing doubled when shared. So come aboard the Tibetan Flag Trail, We welcome you all.

People of Ibiza (Manaleah)

While in Ibiza its not hard to bump into interesting people.


Meet Manaleah……. We bumped into him on Benirras beach and knew straight away that there was something about him that we would like to share with the world, we had the opportunity to interview manaleah, who was extremely kind and gentle and invited us to his home where he lives with 200 peacocks and other members of the community at Muhart association, which is a project managed by a 70 year old couple who are remodelling the space, offering homes in exchange to artists that add to the surreal fairy tale theme at Muhart.


Manaleah, after leaving his home on his adventure to India, discovered parts of himself which raised curiosity within him leading him towards the path of spirituality and self discovery. His philosophy of life is to keep it simple, to love and be kind which you can see through his colorful personality and ways of life he leads in the mountains of Ibiza. His cheerful and childlike persona is infectious, just being in his presence brightens the day up. Manaleah came to Ibiza to expand his artistic abilities of ritualistic tattoo work but what he most enjoys is to share his little stories with the world and this video is a little sneak peak into his way of life.

Yoga Village,Greece

In the year 2021 a little after I was deported from Mexico I visited a yoga community where I lived and worked for and worked on myself for a couple of months. This is a little Video we made for the Yoga Vllage in collaboration with the others at the community.

Mushroom Chai

The Holy Trinity Experience from Tibetan Flag Trail, Come home to yourself, take a moment to smell, taste and feel all the simple little pleasures life has to offer.


Let your everyday tea become a ceremony, cherishing every sense your body allows. We feel having a few minutes everyday to be mindful and to slow down from the hustle bustle gives us the space for more mental clarity and focus. which helps lead daily life in a more peaceful and fulfilling way. Everyday we take some time out to sit in silence with a cup of our Medicinal Mushroom Chai Tea.

Jungle Calling Aftermovie 2023

Jungle Calling festival Goa, Aftermovie 2023.

Shot by us at Hilltop Goa for the promotion of the festival Jungle Calling, Held by the organisers of 7 Chakras festival, Italy. 

It was a fun experience shooting this festival especially when it was impromptu.

Fair Ria

Earlier this year when our flights to India got cancelled because of the Corona situation we made new plans as we still had the urge to travel and see new places and so we headed to Ibiza, during our travels alot of our friends and families reached out to us wondering how we do it?, how we travel during times like these? and how we manage to pay our bills? This got us to think, it made us question why people find it so tough to do what the really love to do, why they allow their fears to take over their dreams and so we came up with the idea to inspire and give insight into how we and others do it so you too can!

With this idea we started to create videos about people who are passionate about their dreams and dedicated to their art and are able to live the life they dreamt. We came across a bunch of interesting people that inspired us and we would like to share that bit of inspiration with you.

Meet Ria the founder of fairria her cute fashion label which she put together by herself, showcasing handmade clothing and accessories which she designed on her backpacking travels between Colombia and Peru. She came to Ibiza with a one way ticket and believes it's the best choice she made, to go head in and follow her dreams, to negate between her own fears and the doubts of her close ones and it's been one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experience, she says when you really put all in and believe in your dream and dedicate yourself fully to it listening to your inner voice everything is possible. Let's take a closer look into her way of life.

Healing Takes Time

Self Portrait - Healing takes time.....

Part of being good at what you do is the process, it's the journey that's the most important and of which many Instagram folks don't share. I believe it's the process thats the most important, so i would like to share my process and my growth with you!

This is of the first self portrait videos I've made which also portrayed my being and mood in the recent months.


Vyuga Doll

A video like poem made for someone of deep meaning.

Created one summer quite long ago when my first love came to visit me from Ireland and she snuck her way to all the way to India just so we could share that sweet embrace. 

This was a little goodbye video I made for her. 

She will always hold a special place in my heart. Alot of the content you see here has been inspired while i was adoring her being.

Alt Lives

A Video Essay made for a project on alternative lifestyles This video is made compiling shots we took during our travels and added with other videos from friends, which relate and add to the topic in hand.


We would like to credit : - Inti Vasi for the cacao video and music score


- Davide for video footage at GT


- Sara for the space


- Everyone involved in the video


Presenting Bluetopia, Oooh no! everything is blueee!


Growing up i’d often hear the phrase “i feel blue” and it would itch my brain to think why the colour blue is associated with sadness or emptiness. While for me the colour blue was one of peace, like the sky, or the oceans and the break of dawn which always seemed like the calmest hour to me. Now i’m all grown up and I get asked what my favourite colour is and I always want to describe this juicy gradient mix of purple blue with deep orange - nicely opposites on the colour wheel.


Since living alone again, I figured let me make my whole house blue and orange and enjoy those juicy bursts of colour. I’d like to call this colour juicy! To capture this emotion I made a video of the most mundane tasks like washing dishes and lighting candles, because in the recent times i’ve come to notice the magic in the mundane, in the little things that we often don’t take time out to appreciate. I tried to capture emotion of colour and everyday activities so I can appreciate the beauty of seeing colours and washing dishes.



Happy Announcement!!

Collection launch..... We are proud and extremely excited to release our new collection TFTxKazak.

After a bunch of obstacles we had to jump over and maneuver TFTxKazak is finally out!! This collection is a testimony of stepping outside our comfort zone, contrasting our usual natural tone collections, that we hand dye and block print ourselves. Instead for this collection we wanted to do something completely different - work with traditional and local artists from around the globe to create and acquire a colourful and unique blend of fabrics.


We have also worked hard on creating new patterns and fits - frilled skirts, chokers, open blazers and bombers. This collection presented us with many obstacles, lessons, loads of learning and heaps of fun, joy, love and has been a journey in itself almost reflecting a story of months of creation. The fabric for this collection was acquired from Kazakhstan, working with local artisans and craftsmen to fine tune and replicate visions we had in our mind.

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