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Through our photography we go beyond what is usually captured and how it is captured, so that the pictures we take speak for themselves.

Our style being candid, it focuses on telling a story through images, freezing time for a moment and photographing the soul, be it a person or a place.

We not only capture moments through our daily lives and travels, we also love to shoot for events, festivals or brands.

Reach out to us if you'd like to work together! 

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India's colours have always caught our eye, but looking closer its much more than just the vibrant colours, its the whole atmosphere that comes alive.
It might seem as a chaotic hustle bustle in the beginning but the more you look, you start to notice the order in the chaos somewhat like the branches of a vine.

Its always a delight to see people in their real essence, living their simple lives , giving genuine smiles and creating an ambience that can only be felt in India.


We believe that the eyes are a window to the soul and that a single picture can often tell a story more than words. We like to capture intimate moments, humans and animals in their true essence, where they truly are themselves. 


Through our portraits we like to be able to introduce the person intimately and capture characteristics of theirs that bring out their personalities, moving away from posed and framed styles of photography.


Life can be one big celebration -

If every day we choose to look at it that way.

What better way of celebrating than dancing?!

We love capturing moments on the dancefloor, so reach out to us if you’d like us to click at your events


We were never really satisfied with the 8-5 busy work life & we want to inspire those, who like us, feel that craving for adventure and exploring the world and going beyond the ordinary constructs of what life should look like.


We  explore different alternative ways of living, travel from place to place, community to community, to learn their ways of living, to be inspired and to capture alternative ways of life in their authentic light.


Follow our journey 

We love photography & travelling and its our dream to create a photo book about all the inspiring places & people we met along the way. 

Our plan is to follow the Tibetan flags ahead through the Himalaya Mountains up to Nepal and Tibet to capture & discover more about the history of the prayer flag and its value to the Tibetan People.

At the moment we are based in Goa, focussing on selling our handcrafted creations so that soon we can travel up north to continue our journey. 

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