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Welcome to the Tibetan Flag Trail

An idea that became a way of life....


Our intention is to inspire others that the possibilities to fill your life are infinite, we hope that everyone who stops by here can find inspiration and hope to make the world a healthier and happier place. 




We aim to do this by creating a shift from industrial to sustainable in all aspects, from the clothes we wear to what we eat, create and consume. 

We do this by creating a sustainable handmade, block printed fashion line, growing medicinal mushrooms & sharing about alternative ways of living.



We have always been looking for ways to make our lives more healthier and happier. 

Our values are to do everything we do with love and  a sprinkle of magic, taking in mind our impact to nature & the world. 


Why? Because it brings us so much happiness and happiness is the only thing doubled when shared.



Psyjit has always had a keen interest in alternative ways of leading life and alternative art forms. 

As he always believed in 'being the change we want to see' , he has the urge to inspire himself and those around him.

His interests led him to learn the art of permaculture, mycology, plant medicine and the alchemy of extractions and distillation. He loves to create and experiment by making essential oils, perfumes, organic soaps, natural medicines and growing sacred plants. 

Apart from this he also puts his hand into other creative shenanigans such as photography , video making and writing. 

Never really fitting into the usual school life and 'normal' society, he has always been self learning and experimenting. 

He would now like to share this with others through workshops , ceremonies , talks and social media embodying the message of 'each one teach one' . 

He believes with love , kindness and empathy we can all change the world.



Following the Trail of the Tibetan flag , we often travel the world, though we are nomadic in that sense, we tend to have our base in Europe and India. 

Our products are available worldwide and we would love to continue this lifestyle of exploring all the beauty the world has to offer us. 

We take stride in what we do and we aim to expand our horizons from not only what we experience but also what we can allow for our customers to experience.

Our focus being on fashion, photography and mushrooms. We however would love to broaden our range from natural medicines, tinctures, essential oils, home decor, event curating, event photography, art, to website design and everything we can put our hands on as we love to learn by doing. 

Thank you for taking the time to be part of our mission.

without you, we are nothing - Ubuntu! 

Boom Shankar! Har Har Mahadeva!

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