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Stained Glass Fantasy Choker

Stained Glass Fantasy Choker


Take a big scoop of nothing, add a life time of custard pies, nag champa, space invaders that never actually arrive, pink fluffy unicorns, self fulfilling prophecies, a pair of odd socks, trancendant moments of deconstruction into an incandescent world of colour and sound, 3 slices of emptiness, mega rainbow pom-poms, left hand enabled speaker soundsystems, smiles across an epic dancefloor, large doses of pancakes, an inflateable cauliflower and a massive smile across all faces. Now Double it!
Thats the Stained Glass Fantasy Choker for you.

Inspired by the dazzling and intricate stained glass art across church windows this Choker features a hexagonal honeycomb pattern embedded with a thoughtful selection of sacred patterns meant to exude and heighten a sense of bliss, well-being, abundance and good fortune - which we are confident to pass on - in some form or the other, when worn.


With added 2 sizeable pushtop buttons. 

-Every piece we create is unique and fully handcrafted & therefore only one of each kind is available. Inspired by the oriental patterns of Persia, Kazakisthan, Afghan and Egypt - fabric acquired from Kazakishtan.


-With added pushtop buttons so, one size fits all, weather your skinny or curvy, a men or a woman, or both. Fits between size S/M/L

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