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Santa Muerte - Tie Top (Out of Stock)

Santa Muerte - Tie Top (Out of Stock)


We like to percieve death, as not an end - but rather a new begining. By death we mean not only the end of a life but also of a cycle, a pattern, a relationship or circumstance. 
When one door closes another one opens, when one viscous cycle ends another healthier one replaces it, when a relationship ends it comes with alot of pain but opens up room for so much growth and new empowering relationships. 


We often see this in our personal lives, Also in the lifecycle of mushrooms the fungi we adore, they pop up when a tree dies and falls to the floor, the mushrooms signify new life that transpired through death. 

In mexico there is a tradition that celebrates death and transition rather than mourn it. We would like to embody this ideology and from this thought came the inspiration for the Santa Muerte Tie Top which is part of the Santa Muerte collection of tops and skirts. 

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