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Let us introduce you to our fabled mushroom friend Reishi also known as Ganoderma lucidum.

Highly regarded in traditional Chinese medicine. Don’t believe us? Well if you're brave enough, take a quick peep inside an old Chinese monk's medicine pouch and we are sure you will find some crumbs of dried Reishi mushrooms - well jokes apart, these magical mushrooms have loads of benefits & some of which we love them for are :

- A Boost to the immune system
- Helps deal with arthritis pains
- Antidepressant qualities
- Cancer fighting by increasing white blood cells
- Blood sugar regulator
- fights diabetes

Each jar contains : 90 capsules (200 - 250 mg each) 
Dosage : Upto 4 a day 

Whole fruiting bodies only, 0 mycelium, 0 additives , no bullshit! 

  • Magical but not psychedelic

    Though these mushrooms are magical they are not psychedelic magic mushrooms.

  • Returns

    As our mushroom products are food, they are not returnable. However if you think you have ordered or received the wrong product, you can reach out to us before opening the pack and we will be able to help you with an exchange.

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