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Mushroom Chai Tea

Mushroom Chai Tea


Take a moment, sit down with yourself and sip on some of our mushroom tea. Make it your morning routine or your evening wind down. Whats important - is to take a mindful moment to yourself everyday and what better way to pamper yourself during this time than our delicious mushroom chai tea.

The Holy Trinity Chai is a mix of Reishi, Chaga and Lions Mane mushrooms along with black tea and a mix of three high quality Indian spices; Cinnamon, Cardamom and Star Anise which add to a soothing warm and gentle chai experience.

Each 180ml jar contains :
- 20 gms of Reishi
- 20 gms of Chaga
- 20 gms of Lions Mane Extracts
- A mix of spices 

- Black tea

Add a spoonful of our mix, a cup of water or plant based milk + sweeter of choice and bring to a boil to enjoy our wholesome mushroom chai.

If you would like a special blend of any one or more of our mushrooms combined, talk to us and we will make it happen.

  • Magical but not psychedelic

    Though these mushrooms are magical they are not psychedelic magic mushrooms. 


  • Returns

    As our mushroom products are food, they are not returnable. However if you think you have ordered or received the wrong product,  you can reach out to us before opening the pack and we will be able to help you with an exchange.

  • Benefits

    Medicinal mushrooms work as adaptogens, they help cope with our daily stress. They have been medically proven to build immunity, fight cancers, cope with arthritis and also build sexual stamina. 

    What more?  They help rebuild nerves and cells - stimulating the central nervous system and cognitive function.

    Our mushrooms are home-grown with love, we often play music for them, sing love songs and dance around them.

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