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Lions Mane

Lions Mane


Meet Lions Mane! Also known as Hericium Erinaceus.
The name comes from its resemblance to the mane of a lion - yes that's right, quite majestic and not only in appearance, Lions mane has been used in Chinese medicine for far too long & now the nootropics community has also picked up on its magical benefits to cognitive function.

Ever feel like your day is overloaded and feeling overwhelmed with daily tasks, making you forgetful?

Well lions mane is here to the rescue!
It's hericenones and erinacines alkaloids stimulate the growth of brain cells and nerve regeneration. This aids in better cognitive function, a boost in memory and overall state of being.

Let us tell you a few more benefits of Lions Mane:

- Protects against Dementia and Alzheimer's
- Mild antidepressant
- Stress reliever
- Nerve and cell repair & regeneration
- boosts sexual health
- boosts the immune system
- May fight cancers

Each jar contains : 60 capsules (600 - 620 mg each) extract.
Dosage : Take 2 a day 

Whole fruiting bodies only, 0 mycelium, 0 additives , no bullshit!

  • Returns

    As our mushroom products are food, they are not returnable. However if you think you have ordered or received the wrong product, you can reach out to us before opening the pack and we will be able to help you with an exchange.

  • Magical but not psychedelic

    Though these mushrooms are magical they are not psychedelic magic mushrooms.

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