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Holy Trinity - Mushroom Elixir

Holy Trinity - Mushroom Elixir


The Holy Trinity Collection is a blend of three of our medicinal mushroom extracts Reishi, Chaga & Lions Mane. 

Use the Holy Trinity - Mushroom Elixir to make loads of delicious and healthy shakes, desserts, and combined in your everyday food. Just take a spoonful of the Mushroom Elixir mix from the Holy Trinity collection and add it to your favourite meal or juice/shake.

Can be added to your shakes, smoothie bowls, brownies, pasta or whatever you like just sprinkle along them healthy mushrooms! 

Each Jar contains 180gms : 

- 30g Lions Mane Extract 

-30g Chaga Extract 

-30g Reishi Extract 

-90g whole mushrooms mix of Reishi, Chaga and Lions Mane. 

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