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Himalayan Honey + Medicinal Mushrooms

Himalayan Honey + Medicinal Mushrooms


Sustainably harvested organic honey from the himalaya's, coupled with our medicinal mushrooms. 


Honey has loads of benefits : 

-Honey is antibacterial, antiseptic & antioxidant 

-Honey helps with digestion

-Promotes burn and wound healing

-Improves heart health


With all these amazing benefits we thought, why not combine them with our medicinal mushrooms and here we go a super healthy and tasty super food! 


Our honey comes from happy bees that feed in lush nature which is pesticide and fertilizer free (which is bad for our little black&yellow friends). We also support the local bee keepers and honey farmers in Himachal Pradesh. 


For every pot of honey you buy from us we will scatter 100 grams of   native flower seeds, across barren lands, for the bees to feed and to add some flower power to grey bleak areas, because who doesnt need some more flowers in their lives. 


Each Jar of 200g of Himalayan honey contains : 
- 10g Lions Mane Extract 

- 10g Reishi Extract 

- 10g Chaga Extract


Add a Tea spoon to your daily Tea/Coffee or Sprinkle it on pancakes or lather your lover and eat them up for dissert. However your preffered way of consumtion, know that you are consuming a highly nutritious super food, so go in for that guilt free indulgence!!


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