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Funky Mushroom Chocolates

Funky Mushroom Chocolates


Who says chocolates are all that unhealthy? 

Did you know chocolate is actually a super rich dense food?

Not only high in magnesium chocolate also helps the release of Endorphins which is the feel good hormone, eating chocolate also triggers the dopamine and serotonin receptors. 


Studies find that chocolate also helps reduce the risk of heart disease, so we figured why not couple this treat we all love with our super healthy mushrooms.


We brought out our little melting pot, the bits of dark chocolate we scored from the narrow corner of our street and did a little alchemy. We combined the chocolate with our Reishi, Chaga and Lions mane mushrooms and we kid you not its a delight! 


A pack of 28 chocolates: 


Each piece of chocolate contains:

  • 0.75gm Reishi extract
  • 0.75gm Chaga extract
  • 0.75gm Lions Mane extract


We love making fun ways to consume medicine we hope you too enjoy our little treats as much as we do.

  • Benefits

    Medicinal mushrooms work as adaptogens, they help cope with our daily stress. They have been medically proven to build immunity, fight cancers, cope with arthritis and also build sexual stamina.

    What more?  They help rebuild nerves and cells - stimulating the central nervous system and cognitive function.

    Our mushrooms are home-grown with love, we often play music for them, sing love songs and dance around them.

  • Magical but not psychedelic

    Though these mushrooms are magical they are not psychedelic magic mushrooms.

  • Returns

    As our mushroom products are food, they are not returnable. However if you think you have ordered or received the wrong product, you can reach out to us before opening the pack and we will be able to help you with an exchange.

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