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Enigma Dress

Enigma Dress


An Enigma is something hard to understand or explain. 
This Enigma dress is based on keeping that mystery alive.

Flower prints, Glitter work Tie Dye this dress has its ways of keeping the Enigma alive in all of us. Stay funky Stay Enigma folks.



Every piece we create is unique and fully handcrafted & therefore only one of each kind is available.


One size fits all, weather your skinny or curvy, a men or a woman, or both.  Fits between size M/L/XL/XXL

This jumpsuit has a slight baggy fit, you can adjust it to your body type & style by adjusting the shoulder and chest strings. 


Make sure to hand wash the jumpsuit seperatly or dry clean because colours tend to run slightly and the glitters are fragile.

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