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Cleo's Stairs Choker

Cleo's Stairs Choker


This Choker is a juxtaposition of a myriad of hazy visions from our daydream like lucid state reminiscent of the pyramids, patterns, art and culture of Egypts famous pyramids and culture.

Resembling the stairs of the pyramids, the bright yellow hue while the sun's rays embrace the ever so magnificent structures, the patterns of the alien crop circles put together with envisions of a fabric intricate and geometrically significant, we came up with this pattern, aptly named - Cleo's Stairs, hinting on the enchanting beauty of Cleopatra.


Fitted 3 with sizable pushtop buttons.

-Every piece we create is unique and fully handcrafted & therefore only one of each kind is available. Inspired by the oriental patterns of Persia, Kazakisthan, Afghan and Egypt - fabric acquired from Kazakishtan.


- With added pushtop buttons so, one size fits all, weather your skinny or curvy, a men or a woman, or both. Fits between size S/M/L

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