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Let us introduce you to Chaga, also known as Inonotus obliquus.
Though it might look like a piece of poo, we promise, it’s Good-Shit!

Chaga grows on the bark of birch tree's in cold climates mostly in regions of Northern Europe, Siberia, Russia, Korea, Northern Canada and Alaska. It takes about 5-7 years to fully form.

Chaga produces a woody growth, which looks similar to a clump of burnt charcoal — roughly 10–15 inches in size. However, the inside reveals a soft core with an orange colour somewhat resembling excretia!

Well enough about the details,lets tell you about why we love it so much :

- It treats diabetes and heart disease
- Slows the ageing process
- Fights cancer
- Liver protection
- Full of antioxidants
- Supports Gastrointestinal Health

Beta-D-glucans found in chaga mushrooms helps balance your immune system. This means that they can stimulate your immune system when you need a boost and downregulate it when it is overactive.

Well with all these benefits we figured we have to offer you a bit of Chaga in your lives.


Each jar contains : 80 capsules (480 - 520 mg each) Extract
Dosage : Upto 3 a day

Whole fruiting bodies only, 0 mycelium, 0 additives , no bullshit!

  • Returns

    As our mushroom products are food, they are not returnable. However if you think you have ordered or received the wrong product, you can reach out to us before opening the pack and we will be able to help you with an exchange.

  • Magical but not psychedelic

    Though these mushrooms are magical they are not psychedelic magic mushrooms.

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