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An Affair with The Moon- Prints

An Affair with The Moon- Prints


Sun came to me said I heard you're having an affair with the moon, Said don't you dare try to deny it I already confronted him too.


Just answer me this so Why would you trade the day for night I give you my rays and baby blue skies ohh,


I shout up and say Please hold back your pouring rain, There’s something that you oughta hear me say.....


Ohhh look now I ain't got nothing against the day, I

t’s just the night always takes my breath away.


Sun please don't be mad at me,

moon has the stars you see.

And even on the coldest nights, I look up I feel warm inside.


That’s what the stars they do to me,

Reminds me that life is mine to seize,

Life is just a dream......

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