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Alice in Milan Choker

Alice in Milan Choker


This Choker is aptly named Alice In Milan,

imagine Alice takes a break from her wonderland to take a trip to planet Earth, with a stroke of luck or misfortune, her teleportation device lands her in Milan, Italy where she wanders the streets in her tatters, inspired by all the upmarket fashion, she summons the doorknob, her now known partner in crime the white rabbit, and the smoking caterpillar, together they gather her collection of tatters, rags and pieces of fabric she acquired from her adventures. They sew up a cool looking (bomber jacket) for her visit to the Milan Fashion Week.

Well this is how the Alice in Milan Choker came to be.


Fitted with 3 size push bottons 

-Every piece we create is unique and fully handcrafted & therefore only one of each kind is available. Inspired by the oriental patterns of Persia, Kazakisthan, Afghan and Egypt - fabric acquired from Kazakishtan.


-With added sizeable pushbuttons, one size fits all, weather your skinny or curvy, a men or a woman, or both. Fits between size S/M/L/XL

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