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Welcome to the Tibetan Flag Trail!

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

The project was started by Psyjit a . In early march 2021 while at a yoga retreat in Greece where psyjit was volunteering , working on photo & video projects. When he realised his interests were very tangible and could be put together to help create a more sustainable world, he set out on a journey to India with his partner at the time. Unfortunately their flights got cancelled while transiting Rome, so he made new plans which formed the idea for the project: “The Tibetan Flag Trail”.

In this project we dive deep into different alternative lifestyles that people are leading like living in eco communities, making organic markets or creating permaculture gardens with sustainable energy and the artistic life of these individuals.

These are people who are passionate about life, who see that kindness and love is the way forward. We came to notice that this niche group of humans always have the Tibetan Prayer flags decorating their spaces. Which made us decide “why not follow the prayer flags around Europe and visit communities on the way.” Until India was open once again we travelled through Europe where we lived at different eco-communties*.

This journey was full of magical moments and meetings, which inspired us to share more about alternative ways of living.

In september we arrived in India, for the first few months we lived in Hyderabad together with Psyjit's family. Here we started with our dream project Tibetan Flag Trail, our focus being on hand block printed clothing, photography and medicinal mushrooms.

We are fortunate to be passed on the secrets of ancient block printing through Psyjit’s family in Hyderabad who are specialised in this intricate Indian art.

In early december we migrated to Goa, in our cozy new home surrounded by coconut trees were we grow our mushrooms, make our extracts & continue to create more handcrafted products. You can often catch us selling our creations at the different markets spread all over North Goa.

In Febuary 2022 Thamar decided to leave the project and had decided to spread her talents across other places that she felt bring her more happiness. We hope the best for her and lots of love and light on her path.

We initially started Tibetan Flag Trail together when we arrived in India but along the way we realised we had different ideals of how we wanted to lead life and how we wanted the project to go, and so we have decided to part ways.

We will miss having Tham on the team as this would never be possible without her efforts, she played a key role in the design of the website, the photography and a lot of the content that was posted on our Instagram.

However painful, we would like to see this as a new beginning rather than an end, Tibetan Flag Trail will still go on, now fully run by Psyjit. After giving it a thought we have decided to still keep sharing with the world this beautiful creation and amazing healing medicines and mushrooms.

You might notice that we still use "we" instead of "I" or "me" it is because this project is not me or the people behind it, it is "US" , all of us are part of this as much. Because without you, we wouldn't be where we are today! - Ubuntu.

You can follow our more of journey on Social Media:

To read more about us & the project, check out our "About" page.

Thank you for taking the time to be part of our mission,

without you, we are nothing!

Boom Shankar! Har Har Mahadeva!

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