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Looking for a mid-week chill set or a Sunday Dance Sesh? come onboard, join us in getting groovy! 

Here we will share mixes from artists across select labels including genres from Psy-trance, Dub, Psychill to Reggae and Techno. 

Thats not all we will also share a little story of how we know the artist and how they have impacted our lives along with little snippets from the Psy-trance scene, moments that make our heart melt and foster the Psy-Familia feeling of one love and one big family!

So come join us! And don't forget your dancing shoes!


Divinorum Studios.

Radio TFT has been on standby for the European festival season, we figured most of our listeners would be enjoying the fresh live music out at festivals and having a proper psychedelic summer. Now that the festival season is slowly coming to a halt we feel its the best time to re-kindle our radio station, so together we can reminisce, relive and revive the summer feelin', the beautiful memories that we would like to save in our spell jars. Music has always had the ability to bring back certain memories, feelings and moments.

To kickstart the new season we have a very special guest on Radio TFT this week. We are humbled to introduce to you XianZai, founder and label manager at Divinorum Studios. XianZai has a very special style of psychedelic music, with liquid and fluid basslines taking you on an intrepid journey, filled with rich 3D soundscapes that are full immersive. Each track of XianZai has got a deep emotional message that we believe one can definitely feel through his music.

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XianZai - Divine Trail for TFTDivinorum Studios
00:00 / 57:17
Purio - Magic Taurus SetBlacklite Rec
00:00 / 1:00:02

Blacklite records/Merkaba Crew


This week on Radio TFT we have our taurus-twin brother Claudio aka Purio from Blackliterecords & Merkabacrew. We would often meet Claudio in a club in San Lorenzo - Rome, Italy where we he would play his full power sets.

His energy is always pure and we formed an instant connection, only later to discover that we are taurian twins. Purio has always been super encouraging and always involved us in the psy-scene by inviting us to his festival @taurusconnection to click pictures and be a part of the great event!

We have alot of gratitude for this connection and cherish our little funny moments at the after parties when we are all knackered and trippy! x
Earlier this year Purio made a full-on to twilight set for our radio station.

Take a listen and get groovy with us!


Forestdelic Records.

This week we have a very special guest on Radio TFT - Dhani aka Mechanical Species from Forestdelic records. We met Dhani in Goa at the Forestdelic Label night on the Origens dance-floor, Dhani was floating around the dance floor with his wicked big smile spreading such good energy it was hard to not to catch our eye. We exchanged smiles & hugs - right then we felt a common connection and such positive energy.

Our friend Slide later introduced us further and we instantly became friends, we spent the rest of the night jumping from end to end of the dance-floor spreading our spores of good vibrations.

Mechanical Species music is extremely well produced and futuristic with a forest like baseline that keeps thumping from end to end. These juicy tunes will most definitely fill your imagination with colourful kaleidoscopes and elf like creatures.

Earlier this year we asked Mechanical species to make us a mix for the radio station and despite being super busy with shifting his house he made this full power twilight/forest mix for us! we are extremely grateful to Dhani for this and look forward to another full power dance sesh together!

Mechanical Species - Spicy Moments MixForestdelic Rec
00:00 / 1:34:36
WhatsApp Image 2022-02-11 at 20.40.19 (1).jpeg
ParaNoid - Momo Mama MixParaNoid
00:00 / 1:41:25

3db Agency


For this mid-week's dance session, on Radio TFT, we have our very close buddy Anees aka ParaNoid. Our friendship with with Anees goes back to a time where the parties were based on simple good vibes, a table with a CDJ, an old school JBL 2 pin set-up, fairy lights and a close knit group of freaks who loved to explore their freedom. We might not have had the fancy funktion one sound-system nor 3D mapping with gigantic decor, but what we did have is a Fu*king good time!

This is a great reminder of how the scene used to be back in the days, just a group of like minded folks wanting to have a good time, coming together to create a magical night of trance dancing.

Paranoid's Dj sets are funky and focused around twilight trance, packing a thumping baseline throughout the mix which will keep you on two's hopping around the dance-floor.


Purple Hexagon Rec/Quarion Tribe


This week on Radio TFT we have a very special guest, Ginaluca aka Caveman!

We crossed paths at a secret psytrance party in the beautiful mountainous region of Tuscana, Italy. From the very first moment Caveman has been super supportive and encouraging by always sharing his unreleased tracks with us, passing on tips to make our Dj'ing style better and of-course the constant good vibes.

Its moments and meetings like these that keep us coming back to the dance-floor, season after season. This simple yet pure connection that starts with just a smile, is what we want to continue to foster in the Psytrance scene.

Caveman makes the crunchiest mind bending chunes, we would even say his music is cyborgy in a way. Full of elements and deep grooves that kick you into a trance. A great mix of forest with an aggressive yet funky atmosphere is what caveman is known for.

Apart from the killer music Caveman also runs his little bakery in Italy where he makes the best bread we have ever come across. Baker by day > Dj by night.

Caveman 1.jpeg
Caveman - Trippy Trail MixPurple Hexagon
00:00 / 1:33:53
Psykia - Trail of the Forest Mix TFTBanyan Rec
00:00 / 1:08:37

Banyan Rec/Vantra Vichitra Rec/Forestdelic Rec.


For our first Dj set we've got Francesca aka Psykia from Italy. 

We first met at a beautiful party location in the Cingoli area of

Marche, Italy. 

It was my one of the first parties I had been to outside of Rome after arriving to Europe. I had to travel taking 2 trains and a taxi to some far off location all I knew was there was a beautiful lake and full power Psytrance.

Not knowing many people since I had just arrived in Europe it was an exciting yet enthralling experience. 

I shot some pictures of the party and thats how we connected, I still remember the warm hugs and smiles that made me feel at home even in such a far away land. 

Ever since we have kept in touch, Psykia has always been super supportive and Inspirational. 

Here is a full power set psykia has made for Tibetan Flag Trail Radio! 
Thank you for keeping the spirit of Psytrance alive! 

Enjoy this Forest/Twilight set and don't forget to let loose a little.

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